147/148 Kaltungo Street, Abubakar Habu Hashidu Estate, Gombe

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Mon to Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Weekend: Closed

Hello friends,

We’re uniting youths of Gombe South to express their passion for football with respect,

unity, equality, friendships and much more. Giving opportunity to young grassroot footballers to shine and make their dreams come true!

What we do

We create a platform for young grassroot football players to unite and express their passion for football with respect, unity, equality while creating long lasting friendships and much more.

We Discover

Young players through the Adamu Yola Cup Project with the help of our experienced Coaches.

We Develop

Them through the post tournament camping, monitoring and engagement programs.

We Promote

By exposing them to both local and international amateur and professional clubs.

Peace and Unity Campaign

Through this initiative, we are creating awareness while promoting Respect and FairPlay. Two very simple words, that play a major role on and off the field of play.

We urge all participants – players, coaches, leaders, parents, supporters and communities to show Respect and FairPlay by taking responsibility and actively contributing to the Peace and Unity campaign.

We promise to contribute in creating a safe environment, where we treat each other with Respect and where we exhibit FairPlay on and off the field.

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Excellence in every area

Actively working to improve the lives of people around Gombe State and the entire North East through the work of Adamu Yola Foundation and our Social Responsibility programmes.

We are working with traditional councils, international and local non-profit organisations and former players to promote a fairer, more equal society through football.

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7th edition Press Conference

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Inside Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Cup – with the Chairman

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Inside Adamu Yola Cup

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Join the Team

Behind every activities, every game, and every goal, is another team. The volunteers are essential to the joyful and friendly atmosphere of the Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Cup and provide incredible support to the operational delivery of the tournament.